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We produce Consistently High Achieving Organizations (CHAO)™.

We break down and eliminate silos, build powerful teams, ensure honest communication, establish collective accountability, and create daily innovation.

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Turning Your Organization's
Goals Into Reality

Framing a problem is half the battle. Moving people to a powerful mindset often means reframing the issues that teams and organizations face. Reframing makes problems that seem big or impossible into problems that are manageable and can be solved. New frames can inspire people and empower them to solve complex problems and hold themselves accountable. Let's improve your team's mindset together and accomplish your goals.

Steven Gaffney has been a trusted advisor for over 25 years to top executives across dozens of industries and government organization

Creating Result-Oriented Teams

Your Organization Can Do More With What You Have

Setting a culture of trust and an expectation of honest and
clear communication within and between your teams. When
honesty, transparency, and clarity are missing, dysfunction
always follows. We save you time and money by eliminating dysfunction.

Helping Teams Overcome Complex Challenges

Consistently Creating High-Achieving Organizations

By breaking complex problems down into definite, clear, easy-to-solve components, we make them easier to solve. Are you willing to do what it takes to consistently achieve the highest level of results? We can take you there.

Team Health Calculator


Think of any issue or challenge that your team or even your organization is facing—poor performance from a
department or even a person, loss of a major customer, drop in revenue or profits, operational problem, service or
product issue. Use the sliders to determine how much time and cost has been lost.

How many people on your team?
12 people
Hours you spend thinking about that issue weekly?
5 hrs
Hours your team deals with that issue weekly?
7 hrs
How long has this been going on? (weeks)
16 wks
Average salary of your team members

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