Honesty Sells!


Honesty Sells takes an unlikely approach to sales success; instead of verbal tricks, silly gimmicks, or mind games, great sales people use honesty to win the trust of the customer for a long-term and profitable relationship.

Honesty Sells gives readers a proven model for:

  • Getting around gatekeepers and objections
  • Increasing customer responsiveness
  • Closing sales faster
  • Getting honest answers from prospects
  • Troubleshooting problems before they scuttle big sales or important projects
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What People Are Saying

“Being honest in your sales is a policy I have had for a long time, but I still bought this book – and I learned quote a bit. The chapter on “Be a life giver” was great advice, and the section on “Getting the truth from everyone” made me realize that from time to time, even I (who consider myself honest) have participated in some offers that were in fact, lies. The part in this chapter about offering something for sale for a limited time, and then extending that offer, was enlightening. But let’s face it the part on referral selling is really the key – if you are honest, customers will tell other customers about it. Well written, concise and in bite-sized chapters (the book is 194 pages of real text with 16 chapters), it delivered at least 10 things I can and will implement. Worth the modest purchase price for my library.”

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