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The Fish Isn’t Sick… The Water is Dirty – 5 CD album with Workbook


This 5 audio CD album with workbook teaches how to honestly and openly resolve issues, both professionally and personally, and how to communicate effectively — no matter how difficult.

In this acclaimed seminar, recorded live, Steven Gaffney teaches strategies on how to:

  • Stop others from withholding information and just be honest with you o Have tough conversations and repair broken relationships
  • Say the most difficult things you always wanted to say, but did not know how
  • Resolve all the complaining and negativity that people throw at you on a daily basis
  • Get others to make and keep their commitments
  • Effectively deliver bad news
  • Increase teamwork and collaboration with anyone

The time-tested strategies taught in “The Fish Isn’t Sick…The Water is Dirty” audio seminar will work, no matter how time-impoverished, overworked, or under-resourced you and the people around you may be.


What People Are Saying

“… A manager came to me with her concern about friction between members of her newly-formed team. In discussing it with her, I suggested that the individuals listen to the Fish Isn’t Sick….the Water’s Dirty cd’s and do the exercises, and then we could all get together to discuss it and see if they wanted coaching on holding their challenging conversations with each other.

The team members all listened to the cd’s in two groups over two days. When we all got together a month later, everything was resolved! I only spent one hour with them, and some opened up about how they’d been labeling people and now realized they could give that up… They all felt the program was very valuable for them as a team….It was so successful, I plan to offer the seminar to everyone here. Thanks for the great work – it is so fundamentally powerful and healing.”
Carolyn Dorsey, HR Training and Development Specialist, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City

All of Steven’s products offer a money-back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.

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