Our innovation assessments provide you with a deep understanding of your organization's strengths and areas for improvement. Assess leadership, team dynamics, and innovation with our expert guidance, and develop a roadmap for growth. With our comprehensive analysis and actionable recommendations, you'll be empowered to take your organization to the next level.

Team Health Calculator


Think of any issue or challenge that your team or even your organization is facing—poor performance from a
department or even a person, loss of a major customer, drop in revenue or profits, operational problem, service or
product issue. Use the sliders to determine how much time and cost has been lost.

How many people on your team?
12 people
Hours you spend thinking about that issue weekly?
5 hrs
Hours your team deals with that issue weekly?
7 hrs
How long has this been going on? (weeks)
16 wks
Average salary of your team members

Creating a Consistently High Achieving Team (CHAT)®

A Consistently High Achieving Team (CHAT)® is one that routinely achieves superior outcomes at the highest levels of performance, efficiency, speed, creativity, and consistency. Unlike a High Performing Team, a CHAT’s success is measured in what it consistently achieves. The word “performing” can be easily confused with “hard work” and, as we all know, hard work is not what produces or is even what we’re ultimately judged on — consistent achievement is. Take this assessment to see how your team measures up.

Unconditional Power™ Assessment

Ready to discover your team's true potential? Want to use this power to create a stronger, consistently high achieving team? A person with a powerful mindset works smarter, faster, overcomes challenges and gets the job done no matter the circumstances. The Unconditional Power™ Assessment assesses whether you and/or your team has a powerful, conditional, or powerless mindset. The results of the assessment will show you whether you have a culture of achievement or culture that needs to change their inner power to a powerful state. Inspired by Steven's groundbreaking book, "Unconditional Power," this tool measures your and/or your team needs to improve productivity, strategizing, innovation, decision-making and team building.

Honesty Cost Calculator

This tool will calculate the true cost of time and money on any given communication issue that you're facing to better quantify time and money that you could be saving.

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