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Together we help your teams and leaders become more proactive, empowered, energized, and accountable.

Get What You Need, When You Need It

The best consistently high achieving organizations get three things right.



Time is money. When you're able to optimize how much time each team member is using on tasks, you can allocate that time to more pressing matters. This helps teams stay on track and complete projects faster.



Trust is essential in any team environment. When you create an atmosphere of trust, employees feel comfortable sharing their ideas and taking risks without fear of repercussions. This can lead to new ideas and better results overall.



Having a focus on results ensures that everyone stays focused and motivated. Knowing the end goal can help team members prioritize their work, leading to better quality output and improved performance.

Trusted Advising

We guide your teams through the most difficult conversations they need to have. The hardest problems can be solved through our process of distinguishing between facts and opinions and building reality-based solutions from that foundation.


We help teams and organizations choose the hardest problem they are facing by actually helping teammates get to know one another on a deeper working level, streamlining communication issues and processes, and providing the tools they need to make critical decisions on definite timelines.

2 Hour and 18 Minute Strategy™

Collective change starts when everyone works together, for the common good of all.

Our tools help you get to the heart of the issue with uncommon speed, not only saving you time but helping you to realize how much time you’ve been wasting as an organization using inefficient methods of problem-solving and communication.

Consistently High Achieving Team (CHAT)®

Unlock Your Team's Full Potential: Fast, Effective Solutions from Steven Gaffney.

Steven Gaffney’s popular program is designed to dramatically improve the specific group dynamics of any team to achieve peak performance.


Building a Powerful Culture will create a Consistently High Achieving Organization (CHAO).

This Powerful Culture® session will uncover a hidden switch within your organization for an immediate increase in productivity, innovation, and engagement with minimal effort.

Communication and Leadership Keynotes

Inspiring, Engaging, and Practical Strategies to Unlock Your Potential

Unleashing Honest Communication

The Key to Productive Teamwork

Learn the power of honest communication in boosting productivity, efficiency, and teamwork. Discover practical techniques to get others to tell the truth, eliminate fear, and build trust with anyone.

Mastering Change Management

Sustaining Momentum and Overcoming Obstacles

Learn critical keys to successfully lead through any change initiative, sustain momentum, and overcome obstacles. Gain practical skills to maintain motivation and morale during changes, overcome objections, and become a strategic partner who can drive impactful change in your organization.

The Art of Conflict Resolution

Mastering Communication in Challenging Situations

Learn effective communication strategies to resolve conflict and improve relationships in challenging situations. Discover practical skills to communicate effectively and de-escalate conflicts, resolve disagreements, and build trust and respect.

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We help organizations reach their potential, save time, and stop wasting money through time-tested, evidence-based approach to organization change.

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