After working with sales leaders for over 20 years, I’ve discovered that more honest communication is the key to consistently achieving higher sales performance. Even

Most advice about customer service is all about what to say and how to say it. But the number one problem in customer service today

Every sales leader wants a team that adapts quickly to change, with dynamic collaboration and consistent top performance. But most sales teams are held back

We’re about to get pummeled by a giant wave of retention problems—a great retention tsunami with the power to destroy your bottom line. In the

Ambiguity. We have all confronted it at some point in our careers. Matrix organizations, multiple bosses, dotted- and solid-line reporting, internal and external customers, budget

Learn about the blindspots businesses face and how to create excellent customer relationships without being too customer-focused.

Steven Gaffney talks open, honest communication with the Public Interest Podcast and how the different levels of honesty can improve your work and personal life.

Eight lessons on how to deal with life’s challenges during a difficult journey.

Why is true success obstructed by comparison to others? Learn how to throw away the comparisons and create a vision for your future.

Eight small but crucial actions you can take to make the new year your most meaningful year yet.

How to Create an Organizational Culture of Appreciation that Impacts the Bottom Line My grandfather lived in a nursing home during the last several years

For more of Steven’s interviews click here. Source: Jim Blasingame at Small Business Advocate. Part 1: Part 2:

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