Do you feel like negative thoughts or people are affecting your confidence level? Is it impacting your daily life and job performance? This two minute

Life can be hard to compartmentalize, and when something bad happens in your day—whether it’s a meeting, an interaction with a co-worker, or a call—it

  The foundation of all relationships—at work and at home—is trust. Without it, things fall apart. There are three essential keys to building (or rebuilding)

Often I am asked whether there is any value to complaining and listening to complaints. After all, complaints allow us to be aware of what

  My mother can be a negative person. If I say, “Business is great,” her response is, “Well, what if the economy takes another downturn?”

There are many reasons why people fear being open and honest. In this interview for a CBS affiliate, I discuss those fears as well as

Imagine a world in which Martin Luther King, Jr. had been nothing more than a preacher with a sizable congregation, Bill Gates was nothing more

8 Ways to Jump Start the New Year The following are 8 crucial actions you can take to Jump Start your new year and make it

Honest communication is not about being warm and fuzzy, nor is it brutal communication or sharing all of your deep, dark psychological secrets. Honest communication

Are there life principles that you used to live by, but now you don’t? Have you ever allowed someone to spook you to such an

Beliefs are the operating system for our lives. A participant in a session of mine once shared how when she was in grade school a

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