Radio Interview featuring Steven Gaffney

Everyone thinks honesty is the best policy, but it’s not always the easiest policy. Steven Gaffney and Jim Blasingame, of The Small Business Advocate, talk about some of the problems created when honesty is under pressure, plus a few tips on how to create a culture of honesty in your business.

To hear Steven Gaffney discuss the real truth about honesty in your business, click here.


I am pleased to announce the release of our new book Honesty Sells published by John Wiley & Sons.

Top sales performers know the real way to win a customer’s heart (and loyalty) is by building open, honest relationships with them. Honesty Sells gives readers a proven system-and an honest one-for getting around gatekeepers and objections increasing customer responsiveness, closing sales faster and more often, getting honest answers from clients and prospects, and troubleshooting problems before they scuttle big sales or important projects. For anyone who wants to sell more, sell better, and sell more honestly, Honesty Sells is a the perfect straight-talking guide to sales success.
Be sure to visit for more information about the book. You’ll also get to read some of the most infamous sales horror stories and submit your own!


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