The most terrific woman I know is my mother. Her advice over the years has helped me avoid many problems. As embarrassing as this is

In the famous 1974 Rumble in the Jungle boxing match between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman, Ali leaned against the ropes, covered himself up, and

The following are 8 crucial actions you can take to Jump Start 2013 and make it your most meaningful year yet. These changes, though initially

Spooked Beware of the Halloween Principle Are there life principles that you used to live by, but now you don’t? Have you ever allowed someone

People often dismiss feedback because they don’t like it, don’t agree with it, or don’t like the way it is delivered. But if we dismiss

I’ve noticed that many participants in my seminars are struggling because they are not getting what they want from others. They are hoping that people

By: Steven Gaffney Has anyone ever said something they know is irritating to you to divert the conversation away from the real issue? It has

By Steven Gaffney When it comes to dealing with problems or issues with others, we are likely to believe one or more myths of communication–ideas

By Steven Gaffney First, we must really understand that our assumptions, opinions, and conclusions are exactly that…OUR assumptions, opinions and conclusion. They stem from our

National Honesty Day is a great reminder to tell the truth, but it also forces us to confront the ugly truth about how honest others

The truth is that fear does not stop us from doing anything; we stop ourselves.

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